We help our partners to reduce their supplier base by sourcing the best solution possible within global industry. We do this by great competence and commitment.

About us

VBA Group is a Consulting firm, holding several different companies. Our idea is to serve you the advantage of more efficient production within global industry by our competence and commitment.


We provide the most suitable suppliers to you via the help of our group. We are specialized to achieve more efficient production with our partners. Our companies are Of Swe, Petia E.O.O.D, TT Aronsson AB and GEBS Brands AB.


We supply your demand. Our aim is to exceed your expectations by focusing on your needs and working with your norms. Thus, we are able to provide optimized value to you. What does quality mean to you?


We ensure that the quality level fits your norms, by sourcing from suppliers in Sweden, Hungary and Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, France and Turkey. We also provide you the possibility of global, more suitable and cheaper production.