About VBA Group AB

Our mission is to help our partners to reduce their supplier base by sourcing the best solution possible within global industry.

VBA Group AB was founded in the year 2009 by opening a head quarter in Ljungby. We are customer focused, target driven and open-minded with much expertise in the field.

VBA Group is a consulting firm that is specialized to achieve more efficient production with our partners within industry. Petia E.O.O.D. is a crucial sub-company within VBA Group AB. Constant contact and well-established relations are built up between these firms in order to provide you the best consultancy, thus helping you becoming a vital part of our team. Our business idea within the entire group is that every part should be produced in the right machine in the right country that can be managed through us in Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovenia. Our primary focus is to source the most suitable key suppliers to our partners based on firm contacts gained from more than ten years of experience in making business globally. Thus, we provide the best supplier base to our partners. We do this with great competence and commitment.

If you want to learn more about our owner, check out the movie about his journey so far.

About Benny Aronsson

About Benny Aronsson