We are not managing parts, we are creating the whole.

VBA Group holds several companies. Some of theses are partly owned, some belong to VBA Group entirely. This is an advantage we created, in order to have better focus on different functions and services we provide. Since all companies have separated management, we can manage to give you our full attention based on your demands.

For more information about these companies please contact: Benny Aronsson

We provide an advantage to you by local presence in the countries we source in. We find it very significant to have cultural experience, not only when it comes to business but also in communication skills and in understanding the society and lifestyle. These aspects are represented by our employees to serve comfort to you and your company.

We are targeting business areas such as mechanical, offshore, medical, energy, wind and hydraulics. Our aim is to show the possibility of more efficient production in global levels. The key to your problem is in our hands. We provide the best solution to you through dedicated employees.