GEBS Brands AB

The vision of the company is to identify products that are interesting for the Scandinavian market. Our aim is to make this market familiar with these products and to give an insight into new emerging possibilities by constantly seeking for the right products. Our firm works as an agency between Eastern European producers and Scandinavian resellers as a bond that brings in products and ideas, willing to share in order for good business opportunities. Our mission is to share the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of such products and to become the obvious choice in the future.

Our product portfolio includes fireplaces,chimneys, radiators, and any kind of sheet-metal parts.These products that we offer you, are brought into the Scandinavian market from Eastern Europe with high quality standards and interesting price ranges. Our job is to be the bond between these markets. Our Swedish representatives have the contact with suppliers and take responsibility from production to delivery. We can also handle accessories in great scale and take care of installation if needed.

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