Hungary is located in the heart of the Carpathian-basin in Central Europe. Hungary has no access to sea, but it is the home of the largest lake in Central Europe, which is usually mentioned as “The Hungarian Sea” or Lake Balaton.

The size of Hungary is 93 036 sqkm which is relatively small compared to Sweden’s size, which is 450 000 sqkm. The capital city is Budapest with about 2 000 000 citizens. The government is republican. The currency is currently HUF, Forint with an exchange rate 1 HUF=0.037 SEK. The official lanugage is Hungarian.

In the year of 2009, export commodities mainly consisted of machinery and equipment (55.3%), and other manufactures (30.6%). Hungary’s main export partners in 2011 were Germany, Romania and Austria.

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, provides you with services such as financing and banking, IT, media and logistics. If you require services for example metallurgy, metal processing and chemical industry, the best place for you to go is Northern parts of Hungary. Agricultural features are most developed in South Hungary. While in the West, Hungary provides you automotive, machine and electronic services at an excellent level.

Some well-known subjects that were invented by Hungarians are vitamin C, ball point pen, Rubik’s cube.