Slovenia, as one of the old Yugoslav states, has gone through several changes in the past few decades. When it comes to the location of this fairly small country, the Alps, the Pannonian Plane, the Dinaric Alps, and a small coastline of the Mediterranean which is called Adriatic sea interweave here.

The size of the country is 20 273 sqkm, while Sweden’s area is 450 000 sqkm. Almost about 2 000 000 inhabitants fill the area of Slovenia. Out of this about 280 000 citizens live in the capital which is Ljubljana. Slovenia’s government is republican. The currency is Euros. The official language is Slovenian.

In the year 2010, Slovenia’s main export partners were Germany, Italy and Austria.

Some of the famous Slovenian inventions are perfume atomizer, plastic ice-skates, plastic zipper and airbag.